Cross Chain Message&Transaction Transfer Network
Yellow Paper

Advantages and Innovation

Financial Security and Payment Efficiency
Introduce account identity KYC to verify and supervise nodes to meet the requirements of global financial compliance.
Scalability and Interoperability
Configurable contractual design of business rules combined with cross-network Finance Electronic Authorization.
Technical Strength & Patents
As early as 2013, technology development team of Zipper began researching on index associated with cross-chain.
Network Ecosystem & Application Scenarios
Specially designed to rapidly implement bank inside system and committed to connecting most of bank to Zipper financial public blockchain.

Token Offering

Zipper Token is the unit of Zipper ledger and the medium for value transmission on the Zipper network. The total supply of Zipper Token is 100 billion. The distribution plan is set as below:

Jan, 2018, 1st private placement, 15 billion Zipper Token, 15% of the total supply, mainly for early investors, not open to the public;

In 2018 Q2, 2nd phase financing, 15 billion Zipper Token, 15% of the total supply, mainly for strategic partners, not open to the public;

Go to exchange at a proper time, depending on market situation.

Development Path